A Brief History of Hong Kong & Kowloon Restaurant and Cafe Workers General Union

](1) Hong Kong & Kowloon Restaurant and Cafe Workers General Union has been established for 88 years.During these years, the union has gone through various hardships and obstacles. Today's achievement is largely due to the courage and continuous efforts of the union members in overcoming these difficulties.
The union was established in 1920.Before that, in the restaurant business, there was a so-called "lo wan" system, which means workers were bond together like brothers. Since its establishment, the union has been concerning about the welfare of its members which constituted to the formation of union dormitories. In the early days, there were different dormitories which later became the union's branch offices. On March 1, 2000, with the revision of the union's constitution, these branch offices were uniformly transformed into members' dormitories.

During the first seven years after its establishment, since the union was still a fledgling organization, there was not much progress in its development. In 1927, Hong Kong was in a state of chaos due to the general strike. Many people from the restaurant business went to Guangzhou and stayed at "Xigua Yuen" ("Watermelon Garden"). After the strike ended, they returned to Hong Kong and resumed the operation of the union. The chairman at that time bought a unit at Kau U Fong in Central and used it as the main office of the union. It was believed that this would enable the union to have a stable development; however, the union soon underwent personnel restructuring and its operation came to a halt again and the Second World War broke out.

In 1938, the Japanese army occupied Guangzhou. Many people fled to Hong Kong which in turn led to a population growth. The restaurant business also flourished during that period. However, in 1941, Hong Kong also fell into the hands of the Japanese army. Members of the union were forced to flee into the mainland and stay in regions such as Beijiang, Shaoguan etc.

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